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Onigiri Recipe with Chicken Teriyaki Filling

Chicken terriyaki is one of the modern Japanese favourite dishes. It's easy to make and great to put into onigiri. It can be prepared in 15 minutes with a few simple ingredients.

What is Chicken Teriyaki?

Chicken teriyaki (kakigari) is a classic Japanese dish that is usually prepared using a mixture of soy sauce, mirin and sugar, along with aromatics such as garlic, ginger, spring onions and wasabi. It's delicious eaten as is or when served on rice。 It's also known as "chicken nabe" in Japan 。 It is generally made by cutting chicken and pan-frying it in a mixture of soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar. It's also a great filling for Onigiri Rice balls. Make a bit more for dinner and then you can use the leftovers for putting into your Onigiri the next day. Just cut up the chicken into smaller pieces when you use as a filling for onigiri. To make chicken terriyaki, let's first make the sauce.

How to Make Teriyaki Sauce

The sauce is extremely easy to make. Here is the recipe:

Mirin 1/4 cup

Sake 1/4 cup

Soy Sauce 1/4 cup

Sugar 1/4 cup

Mirin and Sake are both Japanese wines. Mirin is Japanese cooking wine and is sweeter than sake. You can substitute mirin with sake or vice versa. If you don't have mirin or sake, substitute it with sherry or white wine.

Mix the ingredients together and set aside until ready to use.

Making Chicken Terriyaki (recipe for 4 onigiri)

200 grams Boneless chicken thigh (approximately 1 thigh)

1 TBSP Minced shallots

1 TBSP Terriyaki sauce

2 TBSP Terriyaki sauce (for finishing)


  1. Cut chicken thigh into small pieces. As this will be for onigiri filling, we shall dice chicken into small pieces. If you wish, the chicken can be minced so that the filling can be easier to fit in the rice ball later. Marinate with chicken terriyaki sauce.

  2. In frying pan, sautee the chicken. Add minced shallots into the mixture when chicken is brown and fragrant.

  3. Turn down the heat and add 2 TBSP of terriyaki sauce to chicken.

  4. Let mixture cool down and use as filling.

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