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Oishii Film 

Dry Ageing at Home

What is Dry ageing ?

Dry aging is a meat preparation process by which the meat is aged for a period of time (from days to weeks) under a well controlled environment for the breakdown of meat tissue before serving. It's a process that not only helps the steak develop flavor, but also makes it far more tender than it would be completely fresh.

Why Dry AGe?


TEnder MEat

During dry ageing,  the meat's natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle.  This leads to more tender meat.



Intense flavour

The meat is naturally a more concentrated flavour due to the moisture loss in its maturation period. The longer it is  aged, the more the flavours develop and intensify.



Unami flavours

During process, there is flavour change in the meat.  Funky is great way to describe the taste. Others say  the process makes the meat nutty, smoky and spicy.  

The Breatheable Membrane

Oishi Membrane.png

- innovative membrane technology

- protects while it ages from contamination

- no bad odours 

- oxygen enters through membrane which is important for dry ageing.

- water moisture is released  through the film 

Sit back and  wait for your meat to mature

With Oishii Film, you can now easily dry age beef, fish, seafood in your home refridgerator.  There is no need to buy any special expensive refridgerator.  With Oishifilm, just clean your meat, wrap in Oishi Film and place in your refridgerator.   The next ingredient you need is PATIENCE as your meat ages in the fridge.   It will be worth the wait ! 

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