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Make Rice Balls for Any Occasion!



We have different Onigiri Wrappers and tools to make the perfect rice ball


Making Onigiri at Home

Making onigiri at home is easy!  Here is a guide to making those delicious Japanese rice balls at home!


Recipe & Fillings

Ideas for fillings and recipes to go inside your Onigiri!  

What are Onigiri Wrappers ?

Onigiri Wrappers keep the Nori Seaweed Crunchy until you eat your onigiri! 


This intelligent wrapping has made onigiris one of the most popular convenient and tasty meals on the go!   The nori seaweed stays crunchy until you eat them!

Onigiri wrappers are extremely easy to use and this intelligent wrapping has made onigiris one of the most popular convenient and tasty meals on the go!

Onigiri are Rice Balls!

Onigiri are simply Japanese rice balls that are usually shaped into rounds or triangles.   They  usually wrapped with nori seaweed and contain a meat or vegetable filling.   Onigiri is just like a sandwich or burrito  that can be eaten right about any time of the day. It can be breakfast, a snack, or a meal on the go.    You can eat onigiri anytime and anywhere. It's very convenient when you are busy. In Japan, people eat onigiri almost every day as a quick breakfast, lunch, snack, or late-night dinner.

Onigiri are also known as omusubi.  Both are Japanese rice balls filled with different ingredients inside.  Both are made by taking freshly cooked rice and molding it with your hands into  a desired shape and inserting a filling of your choice. The shape of the rice ball is usually triangular.


Onigirazu  are also rice balls.  However, but rather than a traditionally shaped ball or a triangle, onigirazu is shaped into a flat rectangle. We can say it’s like a sandwich but instead of bread, the ingredients are sandwiched between rice.  

Onigiris are not a form of sushi as they are made with plain rice while sushi is made of rice with vinegar, sugar and salt.  Onigiris are also sometimes seasoned with Furikake,  a Japanese seasoning typically made with toasted sesame seeds, nori, salt, sugar.


Onigiri can be stuffed with your favourite ingredients and it can be easily prepared at home or bought in specialized shops or convenience stores.

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Rice Balls

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