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Tips for Fillings

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

When it comes to fillings for onigiris, just use your imagination! It's just like making a sandwich, putting your favourite ingredients into the onigiri, or even just flavouring your rice! The nori wrapper transforms the rice into a tasty rice ball.

From tuna mayonnaise to grilled salmon to even just simple cucumbers, ideas are endless.

However, there are some simple tips for a tasty Onigiri:

  1. Rice should never be hot when making your onigiri. Hot rice can make your nori soggy. We suggest to cool the rice down to room temperature.

  2. When making your filling with sauces, ensure the sauces are thick enough so it doesn't spill out of the rice.

  3. Fresh vegetables are also nice in onigiri, but vegetables such as tomatoes should be avoided as they tend to make the rice soggy.

  4. You can season your rice with a salt, sesame seeds and a bit of oil. Alternatively, the japanese seasoning Furikake can be

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