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Onigiri for all occasions

Make Rice Balls for Any Occasion!

 Nori Seaweed Stays 


Until You Eat!

* Onigiri Wrappers that keep nori dry and crunchy until you eat them!

* Film between the rice and nori   prevents the seaweed from getting soggy


* Simply peel the special wrapper off when you are ready to eat!


* Crispy nori every bite!

Stays crunchy
Onigiri Wrappers


We have different Onigiri Wrappers and tools to make the perfect rice ball

Making Onigiri

Making Onigiri at Home

Making onigiri at home is easy!  Here is a guide to making those delicious Japanese rice balls at home!

Onigiri Recipes

Recipe & Fillings

Ideas for fillings and recipes to go inside your Onigiri!  

Rice Balls

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